Drive the Change

Three simple words … but for Renault and all employees here and around the world, Drive the Change constitutes a strategic global action plan and also serves as our brand’s global signature.

At Renault, we are driven … not simply by the cars that we manufacture, but by the progressive needs of ordinary people living every day lives; by striving towards reducing the impact made by harmful vehicle emissions.

On August 1, 2012, Susumu Uchikoshi took over the reins as managing director of Renault South Africa.

Excited to be elected to Drive the Change in South Africa, he is very optimistic about Renault’s future in South Africa. 2013 marks the dawn of a new era for Renault South Africa in terms of opportunity, growth and sustainability says Uchikoshi-san. “We have the people, the brand, the leadership, the products and the services all backed by the passion, Renault is geared for growth in the South African market.”

“In line with our people-centric focus, Renault delivers progressive products that enrich the lives of our customers. So, staying in tune with their wants and desires has become central to how we think and all that we do… We believe in driving positive change that makes for a better society. This is the Renault way of thinking.

Renault has long been renowned for providing an accessible range of quality, safety-driven products, with striking design incorporating smart technology that delivers convenience at the touch of a button or a fingertip to a screen. While innovation is a key foundation of Renault’s Drive the Change global strategic brand plan.

A brand that is sustainable and able to provide access to affordable mobility for all; while taking into account and being respectful of the energy and environmental challenges presented by 21st century life and living.

  • Renault aims to become the global leader in zero-emission mobility and the first car manufacturer to offer a complete range of electric passenger cars and light commercial vehicles at an affordable price. A broad and entirely renewed combustion-powered range of vehicles will still continue to stream off Renault’s global production line to meet the needs of growing markets outside Europe.
  • Renault is focused on the advancement of engine technology, addressing the shift in market towards engine downsizing for economy and ecological reasons alike, by introducing their Energy engine range.
  • The New Clio, launched in April this year, broke ground with its introduction of Renault’s first turbo-charged, three cylinder 66kW Turbo petrol engine. While this new engine boasts performance equivalent to that of a normally-aspirated 1.4 litre 4-cylinder engine, the reduction in fuel usage, CO2 emissions and overall life-cycle cost is significant.
  • Image is paramount and we aim to further strengthen ours by relying on Renault’s distinctive advantages in the fields of innovation for all, quality and design.

“2013 is the year of introducing class-leading products notably the New Clio and the Renault Duster and also the introduction of several singular new product and customer care offerings including The Renault Promise, and the innovative Free-in-3 Financial Option concludes Uchikoshi-san.

“Renault is geared to Drive the Change in 2013 and beyond!”